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It will hardly take a few seconds to read the warning which is written on all cigarette packets, before you light a cigarette. From this statutory warning you will understand smoking is injurious to your health. Not only that, it may even be fatal in some cases. However, in most cases smokers and non-smokers alike know that smoking is injurious to our health whether we read the warning label or not. One thing not many people agree with though is the harmful effects of second hand smoke from cigarettes.

That’s right, every time you light up a cigarette; you are not only harming yourself but also those around you. In fact, it might be that even if you are using e-cigarettes the nicotine you inhale from them can still hurt people around you. To substantiate our claims we refer the EPA who has classified second hand smoke as a Group A Carcinogen. It’s been proven that cigarette smoking can lead to severe health problems in the long run including death. The main problem is the nicotine found in cigarettes which get’s you addicted to it and makes it a very tough habit to break.

Cigarette smoking affects almost all the organs in your body and even messes with your immune system. Smoking or chewing tobacco could lead to the development of a large number of lung & mouth diseases including cancer. Some of the other diseases are emphysema, chronic respiratory diseases, COPD, hearing loss, erectile dysfunction, peripheral artery disease, strokes & cardiovascular diseases. Second hand smoke is most dangerous for pregnant women. It may cause pre-term deliveries, low birth weight of babies and even miscarriages.

Studies conducted at the St. George University in London show that persons who are exposed to a high level of smoke from cigarettes had twice as high levels of cotinine in their blood. This put them at a 40 % higher chance of suffering a heart attack. Children too should be kept away from second hand smoke as much as possible. Studies have shown that it could cause respiratory illness, asthma, infant death syndrome, weaker immunity and middle ear disease. Thus, you can understand that by exposing your child to second hand smoke you are putting him/her at risk of cancer, heart conditions and other diseases that can easily be prevented.

If you think that it is safe to smoke when others aren’t around, you will be wrong as well. Nicotine & cotinine tend to contaminate the air around you, at work, in your car, at home or even on the streets. These contaminants hang around long after you stop smoking as well. Even though quite a few people feel that by maintaining their distance and using air cleaners, they’ll be able to keep themselves safe from second hand smoke this is not the case and it is nearly impossible to be able to completely get rid of second hand smoke. Quitting is the only sure fire way.

If you’ve understood the dangers of smoking and want to quit but are just not being able to take that final step, you need not worry, help is just around the corner. Nicotine is what gets you addicted to smoking as it has a certain calming effect on smokers. So you have to get rid of this addiction if you truly want to quit smoking. You could try nicotine patches or gum; you could even consider hypnotherapy and hypnosis to help you get rid of this vice. The most important thing though is that you want to quit, motivate yourself to meet your targets and what could be a better motivation than having a healthy environment around you.

Remember though that quitting is not something that comes easily & it will definitely take time before you can completely rid yourself of your addiction. Always remain focused on your objective.

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