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The CigArrest system includes: CigArrest Chewable Tablets that help you fight the urge to smoke whenever and wherever the urge strikes you, CigArrest Gum to control cravings and replace the oral fixation of smoking, CigArrest Smokers Vitamins designed to help fight the cell damage caused by smoking and to strengthen your immune system, the CigArrest Program Audio CD to teach you to avoid smoking in any situation and learn how to stay smoke free, and the CigArrest program guide and exercise booklet to help you understand the program and learn how to successfully overcome your smoking habit. The benefits of not smoking are beyond compare and will be your motivation throughout this program. You will come to realize that you don't have to stop smoking, you will choose to stop. Like most smokers, you are probably using cigarettes as a "quick fix", a source of instant gratification. Because of that, you might be searching for a "quick fix" way to stop, a way to quit without pain or real effort. It just does not exist. Most smokers claim they smoke for pleasure, but what seems pleasurable is really just a way to relieve the discomfort of withdrawal experienced between every cigarette smoked. This discomfort exists because you are addicted to nicotine, and the discomfort will increase until you have another cigarette or are no longer addicted.

The physical reason you smoke is because it is unpleasant for you to stop. When you do stop and begin to experience discomfort, welcome these feelings as a sign that your body is healing itself and realize it is only temporary. The toughest moments will last only about three minutes and will become weaker each day you choose not to smoke. Stopping smoking is a positive experience when approached the right way. The temporary discomfort you may feel is a reminder that you are purging your body of the harmful effects of smoking. It is not a punishment for stopping. When you stop smoking, you must assume responsibility for your actions and feelings. If you get moody or irritable, admit that you are blaming people and situations for your temporary discomfort.

Again, welcome these signs as the beginning of your new healthy lifestyle. As you choose to stop smoking, you choose to accept a fresh new approach to your life. The minute you stop smoking, your body begins to heal itself. You may develop a cough for a brief period, but this is part of the physical healing process as your lungs clear themselves of tar and other smoking-related debris. When you first stop, the most intense urge to smoke will last only about three minutes. Each time you feel this desire, it will be shorter and weaker than it was before. There are several suggested activities you can pursue to help combat this urge and make the time pass quickly. The psychological reasons for smoking are many and varied.

Each person has a reason for starting to smoke such as peer pressure, stress or other social factors. Remember, you can do it! Click here to Quit Smoking Today with CigArrest!

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