I have got to be honest here, if you want to quit smoking you are going to have to make some effort – but the benefits by far outway the effort you put in. The important thing is to find the best quit smoking products that will help You. We are all different and different people will find different ways to quit. I  have spent many years helping people ditch the smoking habit and one thing is certain each person will quit differently. If you are going to quit there are several things you will need to tackle You may also worry about side effects such as putting on weight.

The good news is there are ways to overcome all of these challenges and the best quit smoking  products will support you to do this. One of the best complete solutions I have found is the life sign Quit-key Quitkey is a personal computer that will devise a personal quit smoking program just for you. The exceptional thing about the quitkey is that it will tackle all of the major hurdles that you face when trying to give up cigarettes. The way it works is deceptively simple. During week one you smoke as normal but each time you light up you press the cigarette button on the front of the quitkey fob – its small enough to attach to your keys and carry with you.

The program then calculates your smoking habit. It works out your patterns, and the amount you smoke. It will then calculate a program that will last 2, 3 or 4 weeks that will gradually reduce your smoking and break your smoking habits. Click here to buy the LifeSign QuitKey Smoking Cessation Computer Quite simply the machine will beep when you are to have your next cigarette and you smoke to the beep and at no other times. As the beeps become less frequent you start to smoke less which will gradually reduce the amount of nicotine in your system – this makes the withdrawal much easier.

But the machine is far cleverer than just making you reduce cigarettes. It is also breaking your patterns of smoking. Most smokers also have a habit that needs to be broken – smoking after a meal for example. The reprogramming is based on sound neuro-scientific research that shows that you need to break a habit over a prolonged period. By the end of your personal program you will have minimal nicotine addiction and your smoking habit will be broken making smoking no longer pleasurable.

Quit key covers all angles making it one of the best quit smoking products around The Quitkey is also clever enough to adapt. If you get a craving before your beep, you need to try to resist but if you have to have a cigarette just tell the machine and it will adjust your program. This is a product that deserves mor publicity. Users report very high levels of success. The product is completely natural and based on sound research backed by the US government.

It is also a very affordable solution that will pay for itself after just a couple of weeks of breaking an average smoking habit. Click here to buy the LifeSign QuitKey Smoking Cessation Computer Many smokers find nicotine repalcement therapy to be the best stop smoking product. Patches work quite simply by giving you a steady measured dose of nicotine. As you stop smoking this will avoid the cravings you get as the cigarette nicotine leaves your body. They are easy to use and effective making them one of the best quit smoking products for nicotine replacement.

The advantages are that you feel less cravings and the addiction is broke slowly as each patch in the program has a slightly lower dose. A small number of people have reported skin irritation and it is important to place each patch on a different areas of skin. The other reported problem is that some people quit smoking but become addicted to the patches. But nicotine replacement therapy using patches has been used successfully by millions of ex-smokers. The alternative way to use nicotine replacement is in the form of gum.

The advantage is that some smokers report they need something to do with their mouth when they start to reduce cigarettes. You can buy nicorette gum in 4mg doses if your habit is 25 cigarettes a day or more, or 2mg doses for smokers of under 25 cigarettes. Again this method works by gradually weaning you off nicotine so that the withdrawal symptoms are lessened. Some smokers find the intense hits of nicotine that you get from chewing gum more effective than the smooth dose of nicotine given by patches, this is probably because it mimics the nicotine hit you get from lighting up. Unfortunately there is a risk that you can replace the cigarette addiction with the gum addiction, but at least you are not exposing yourself to the many harmful chemicals that you find in tobacco.

Click Here to buy Nicorette mint Gum at a discount Whichever way you choose to give up smoking it is important to stick at it. Yo umay have set backs but that is OK just start again. I have often been asked how long does it take to quit smoking? The answer has to be forever, because you are a non smoker from the moment you stub out your last cigarette. Remeber you lived your life once without cigarettes and you can do it again.

Your body will start to repair as soon as you allow to. As soon as you stop smoking there will be physical improvement. After just 3-4 days the nicotine can be out of your system. Within a couple of weeks of stopping smoking you will regain your sense of taste and smell. Which will fortunately also coincide with removing the smell of smoke from your clothes, hair and body.

Even heavy smokers will ahve almost entirely repaired their bodies a year or so after quitting. Quiting smoking is probably the best thing you can do for your health and there are many products out there to help. I will add more products as I come across ones that i can approve. In the mean time good luck. links on this page are affiliate links that will support this blog without it costing you any more.

The opinions are my own and different people will get different results from a product. The advice on the page is not medical, if you require medical advice please consult your doctor.